National University of Uzbekistan, Institute of mathematics named after V.I.Romanovsky AS RUz, Tashkent State Transport University and Bukhara State University

“International scientific and practical conference on "Modern problems of applied mathematics and information technology."

(May 11-12,2022)

Articles are accepted until April 30, 2022


Session 1. Mathematical analysis.
Session 2. Algebra and geometry
Session 3. Differential equations and mathematical physics
Session 4. Computational mathematics and mathematical modeling
Session 5. Algorithm theory and programming technologies
Session 6. Artificial intelligence
Session 7. Information security
Session 8. Digital technologies in education

What to consider?

Requirements for materials

Conference materials in electronic file. File name of an article(Full name of an Author_name of the article) in Microsoft Word Times New Roman format, size 14 line spacing 1.5, pages left and top marginsn 2.5 cm, bottom and right morgins 2cm, line start- 1cm

For information

Organization costs for the conference and the cost of publishing a collection of materials are set 100,000 soums for each article (organization fees are not charged from foreign authors ). The size of the submitted article should not exceed 2 pages. Conference materials are available in Uzbek, Russian and English. One participant can submit a maximum of 2 articles.


Sources and references should be in the main text..


Papers for participation in the international conference will be accepted until April 30, 2022. Selected articles will be published in the scientific journals SCOPUS, Web of Science after the conference. You can send your questions, complaints and suggestions on the use of the platform, account replenishment to the system administrator Hazratov Fazliddin

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